Privacy Policy

If you provide your e-mail address in order to submit an enquiry, comment or request for further information, we will contact you regarding your enquiry, comment or request. We may also send e-mails to you about the services that we offer.

From time to time we may provide your information to our marketing or IT departments for research and analysis purposes so that we can monitor and improve the services we provide. We may occasionally contact you by post, email or telephone to ask you for your feedback and comments on our services.

By submitting your personal data you consent to the use of that data as set out in these terms.

We may log your IP address (which indicates the location of your computer on the Internet) for the purpose of systems administration and troubleshooting.

If you make an application for employment providing personal details the information will be used in connection with determining your application for employment. Unless there is a good reason for doing so, we will not hold personal details in these circumstances beyond the statutory period in which a claim arising from the recruitment process may be brought.