Medical Negligence Success

Tim Watson, Medical Negligence Solicitor at Brewer Harding & Rowe Solicitors LLP, reports that he has secured a substantial five-figure compensation sum on behalf of Mrs H from her local hospital Trust following a Medical Negligence Claim.

Mrs H started to suffer with chest pain in April 2012. She visited her GP on a number of occasions throughout April and May 2012, until she was referred to her local hospital. She attended the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic in May 2012 and underwent a treadmill test, otherwise known as an Exercise Stress Test. This included undergoing an ECG. The ECG was reported as being normal and Mrs H was discharged.

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Will Claims on the Increase

New figures released recently demonstrate a trend that our specialist Contentious Probate Solicitors have noticed of late; an increase in the number of claims being brought at Court to challenge the terms of a Will.

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Submitted October 2016

Settlement of Medical Negligence Claim

Tim Watson, a solicitor in our Medical Negligence Department, has recently secured a considerable settlement award from Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust on behalf of his client, Mr B.

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Submitted August 2016

Making Your Own Way

Our specialist team of family lawyers have noted a recent change in attitude taken by the Courts to spouses with a weaker earning capacity, when considering the level of maintenance they should receive on divorce. This is highlighted by an article in The Daily Telegraph today. A link to the article can be found here.

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Submitted July 2016

Co-ownership/Co-habitation Dispute

Co-ownership/Co-habitation claims are nothing new. In fact, they are on the increase. However, one particular case has attracted the interest of the national press. To view the Daily Telegraph’s article reporting on this case click here.

The facts of the case, whilst surprising to some, will not come as a surprise to those of us who often become involved in these types of cases.

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Submitted July 2016

When there is a Will there is a (Potentially) Easier Way

The BBC has recently reported that the number of queries relating to Wills and inheritance received by the Citizens Advice has increased dramatically over the last few years. The queries have particularly related to instances in which people have died without making a Will, with surviving relatives unsure of the consequences and procedures that follow.

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Submitted June 2016

Inheritance Dispute

Several national newspapers have recently run stories regarding the distribution of the Estate of the late Lynda Bellingham, the actress well known for, in particular, the Oxo adverts. She died in October 2014 and the reports suggest she made a Will leaving her entire Estate to her husband Michael Pattermore. The reports also suggest that her two sons, Michael and Robbie Peluso, are not entitled to anything from their late mother’s Estate and are in the process of challenging her Will.

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Submitted 20th April 2016

Law Commission’s Wills Review

The Law Commission has recently confirmed that it will be undertaking a review into the law relating to the preparation of wills. In particular, they will focus on the issue of testamentary capacity, the formalities for a valid will, the rectification of wills and mutual wills. The concern is that the law relating to wills is complex and outdated. It is thought this may result in an increase in the numbers of inheritance disputes, people challenging or disputing wills, Inheritance Act or contentious probate claims. Any changes that simplify the law will no doubt be welcomed by the profession. The Law Commission’s review is due to be complete by Spring 2017.

Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Neighbour Dispute

It is a fact of life that people fall out with each other, particularly so when those people live in close proximity to each other. It is not uncommon for neighbours to fall out over what may seem like a small issue to some, but an issue the matters to the person in question. Whether it is an argument over the position of a boundary fence, an argument over parking or a right of way or a complaint of excessive noise, these arguments can quickly deteriorate into a costly legal exercise.

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Submitted 16th February 2016

Divorce form error 'could have led to unfair settlements'

The BBC reported recently on an urgent investigation that has been launched after a software error was discovered in an online form used by divorcing couples in England and Wales.

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The error on the Ministry of Justice website had been present since April 2014 but has only just been uncovered. The issue with the form, which records couples' financial details, could mean thousands of financial settlements are based on incorrect calculations. Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service is to contact those affected. The mistake was in Form E on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) website and it was rectified earlier this month. Not all couples use the online form, as some do submit their calculations on paper. The mistake could mean some of those who have settled divorces in the past 20 months could have to re-open negotiations.

Submitted 21st December 2015